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This incredibly important campaign has recently been launched by NOF to help the families of victims of terror. Please watch the video to learn what happened to two special young men in Northern Iraq as they bravely fought against terrorists to save their land and their people.

The Story

Two brothers, Maitham and Mehdi lived with their families in northern Iraq. Due to the invasion of ISIS the brothers felt it was their duty, like thousands of others, to defend their land and families. The older brother, Maitham, went first to fight and was sadly captured alive by the terrorists. Instead of killing him they did something even worse-they buried him alive. We cannot be sure how long it took him to die, how long he spent scared and tormented, thinking about what who would look after his children once he was gone.
His wife and children had nowhere to go apart from his brother Mehdi’s house. Sadly, duty called him too as he had to leave to follow in his brother’s brave footsteps. He was killed and left behind were their children, their mothers and no means of support. The families moved in with their grandfather, who is partially blind and unable to look after any of them as his wealth was taken by the terrorists.

What We Can Do To Help

Maitham had started the process of building a house for his family and we are now hoping to be able to finish it for them.
Mehdi’s family need a house for the orphans to start their life again and have hope that they can move on from the tragedies they have faced and try and build a brighter future for themselves.
We encourage you to donate towards this incredibly special campaign– these are the children of martyrs – the least we can do is support them after their fathers sacrificed their entire lives.

There’s More Like Them

We have more families who are in desperate need of shelter – please donate generously to this campaign!

Superhero Fundraisers

There are five amazing people who will be participating in the Paris half-marathon this March exclusively to raise money for the campaign! Why not think about a fundraising activity you could set up with a group of friends to raise money for this campaign – if you need any ideas or have any questions please get in touch with reshma@noortrust.org.
Thanks for your support!

Let the story of the Two Bravehearts inspire us all to do our part.

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