• Honouring Lady Fatima a.s.

    Honouring Lady Fatima a.s.

    Fatima is a part of me, and he who makes her angry, makes me angry.
    The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s)- Sahih Bukhari, Book 62, Hadith 64 -

    Our condolences on the Shahadah of the Lady of Light, Sayeda Fatima (as)
    Lady Fatima (as)., the leader of the women of all the worlds, the mother of 11 Imams and the proof of God over them is a lady we will eternally revere.
    Her stay in this world was, to our loss, far too short but throughout her life she demonstrated bravery and love to the highest levels. From tending to her beloved father as he faced years of taunts from his enemies, to being the loyal and loving wife who left her husband bereft when she left this world. She stood up for her rights when her land was seized at Fadak and chose to give her food and wealth to the orphans and poor and leave just enough for her own children. She taught her daughters how to persevere and stand up against oppression, while always turning to Allah (swt) in the darkness of the night for guidance and protection.
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