“Give charity to the poor and needy among you…show sympathy to the orphans of the people, and sympathy will be shown to your orphans.”
The Holy Prophet’s sermon welcoming the month of Ramadhan (Shaykh as-Saduq’s ‘Uyun Akhbari ’r-Rida, vol. 2, p. 265.)  

Reach-Out this Ramadhan

Our new campaign for Ramadhan 2019 is to encourage you to Reach-Out to your fellow brothers and sisters who are fasting across the world. As well as sponsoring food hampers for them you can write letters of support and send Eid gifts for orphans towards the end of the month. There’s enough hate in the world – let’s share the love this Ramadhan.

You can choose to Reach-Out and sponsor orphaned families in this great month of generosity and love. Many of them have barely enough to eat and often have to scrape by on one small meal a day.

Our target is to raise enough funds to provide a hamper full of essential foodstuffs (such as rice, oil, lentils, sugar) for over 2000 of our orphan and their families.
All funds received will be divided amongst our orphaned families. The more we raise, the more each family can receive.

Share the Love!

While you’re busy planning out your iftars and stocking up on food, don’t forget about those who are fasting without the luxury of even a few grains of rice to eat when they break their fast – let alone making meal plans. Please think of them as you embark towards this great month – let’s share our love.
We will put together the food hampers on your behalf and distribute it. Reach-Out now.

How to Donate

You can either donate via:

- Paypal: by filling in the form below.

- JustGiving: using the following link www.justgiving.com/campaign/ramadhan-reachout2019