“In His Name

Peace be upon you. I pray for your success and protection.

We grant you permission to utilise half of what reaches you, in terms of the Huquq Sharia (Khums), in the avenues permitted by Sharia Law. As for the rest, you need to return (it) to us.

This Ijaza (permission) is valid for two years

Signed: Ali Hussaini Sistani

7 Dhul Qida 1432 


Extension of Ijaza of Ayatollah Sistani


In His Name

Peace and blessings be upon you

On 11 Shaban 1435 (2014), we have agreed to extend the Ijaza (permission) for two years. This is based on the same conditions (as before)

Signed: Murtadha Kashmiri



“In His Exalted Name
In reference to the permission granted by his eminence, Grand Ayatollah Al-udhma Sayid Al-Sistani (may Allah prolong his life), which was issued from Najaf, we are extending this permission for a further two years.
May you continue to be blessed with tawfeeq

Murtadha Al-Kishmiri
7 Jamadi Thani 1437

Signed: Murtadha Kashmiri”