Living day to day and not knowing whether there will be food on their plate tomorrow is the fate of most orphaned families.   The food distribution project was borne from a desire to provide orphaned families with regular meals throughout the year.  Examples include baskets in the months of Ramadhan and Muharram, which contain a total of twenty essential foodstuffs, including rice, pulses, oil, milk, tea and sugar.   For most of these families, meat is still a luxury they cannot afford and they only usually eat it when it is donated to them.


How you can help:

With your help we can distribute baskets and meat amongst the families who need it most.  Another fantastic initiative we run is to collect donations in order to take the orphans out for a day at a restaurant.  This is a rare treat for the orphans and provides them with some much needed optimism and joy in their otherwise tragedy stricken lives.