The Noor Orphans Fund Housing Project is a pioneering new campaign which helps families of poor orphans and widows with inadequate living conditions to build new homes, providing them with the chance to lead better and more secure lives.

Sadly, in Iraq we regularly come across a multitude of cases where orphaned families are living in severely dilapidated conditions or often no home at all.  Without a breadwinner in the family they not only bear the burden of the loss of a loved one but they have lost the ability to sustain themselves.

In some instances, families have been granted land but do not have the means to build anything on it.  The land thus remains empty and undeveloped – a stark and brutal reminder of the relentless desperation they face.


How you can help:

This is where the Housing Project comes in.  We are busy raising funds so they can build homes of their own and in doing so, lead comfortable lives in conditions conducive to education and growth.  We can’t do this on our own and need your help and generosity to raise funds in order to build as many houses as possible – for as many orphans as we can.  Our commitment is to change lives, regardless of religion, ethnicity or political affiliation.  With your help we can reach out to as many orphans as possible and give them a chance at life.  Please donate today selecting ‘Housing Project’ in the dropdown menu.  Thank you for your help and support.