Ziyarah Niyabah in the Shrine of Imam Hussain

As Muharram approaches many of us are making plans to travel to Karbala in order to visit the shrine of Imam Hussain (a). But for those of us who can’t go, Noor Orphans Fund is instituting a fantastic scheme in which we can attain the thawab of a ziyarah. For just £20 an orphan living in Karbala (or the orphan’s mother if they’re too young) will perform Ziyarat Imam Hussain on your behalf, or on behalf of a loved one, in the actual shrine of Imam Hussain.

Remember, it costs £20 per name, the person can be alive or dead, and each person named will have a ziyarah performed specifically on their behalf. This is a great opportunity to not only help the orphans, but also give them a sense that they are doing something themselves to improve their plight.

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Niyaba / Proxy Services

NiyabaMany people who are very much in need are unwilling to receive donations from others without providing a service in return. However they don’t have much to offer, apart from their time and energy to undertake acts of worship on behalf of those who have died.

Our Niyaba service was launched to help both those in need and our deceased loved ones who may have missed some of their waajib prayers, fasting or Hajj. The less fortunate families are willing to preform the following acts of worship on behalf of departed loved ones:

❯ Daily prayers (waajib)
❯ Fasting (waajib)
❯ Entire Qur’an recitation (mustahabb)
❯ Umra (mustahabb)

The prices for these acts of worship are as follows:

Worship Cost Duration
Daily prayers 450 USD 1 year
Fasting 320 USD 1 month
Entire Qur'an recitation 50 GBP -
Umra 100 GBP Seasonal

The costs of these services, paid to the needy who perform them, is decided by the office of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Sistani. We have trustworthy and religiously educated agents who delegate these services to the people in need, validated the correctness of the recitations and the acts of worship and selecting only those who are best suited to preform them correctly.

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