“The most generous of people is the one who gives to those whom he has no hope of return”

Imam Hussain (a)


Meet Baraa Nasir:

Baraa NasirHer favourite hobby is to read the Quran.
She became an orphan when she was only 6 years old.

Her father suffered from an easily treatable heart condition but due to lack of money, he was forced to undergo temporary treatments and eventually passed away.

Think she has it tough? This is what the rest of the family are going through:

• Baraa’s mother has diabetes and Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome which affects her eyesight and hearing
• Baraa’s brother suffers from nerve dysfunction caused by the death of his father – he acts like he is a child and doesn’t respond to his mother, to the extent she fears talking to him.
• Her sister has kidney stones due to an infection – they can’t afford specialist treatment so the only option available is medication for symptom relief.
• Since her father died, Baraa’s younger brother has regular bouts of chest pain and pressure in the chest – a direct result of the death of his father and not being able to handle seeing other children with their fathers.

Baraa wants to be a doctor when she grows up – it was always the dream of her parents too. She has accepted, however, that it probably won’t happen.

Haven’t they suffered enough?

Meet Ali Basim:

Ali BasimMy story is similar to many other Iraqi orphans. We lost our childhood. All we see is the pain and suffering of our mothers. We no longer dare to dream.

On my first day at school my teacher asked me my father’s name. I was surprised as I didn’t know what a father was. I went home and asked my Mum to explain its meaning. She burst into tears and told me my father is with God now.
I was still confused – what is a father?
She told me then – one day he left for work and his workplace was blown up.
My Mum was left to raise my sisters and I all by herself.

I went straight to bed and cried all night, mourning the loss of the man who would have looked after me and protected me.

I don’t have any friends to play with. I have intestinal obstruction – which means I have to wear diapers. Kids at school laugh at me.

We don’t have enough money for treatment. Most of the time dinner is a piece of bread. My mother is ill and doesn’t take care of herself, she is now blind in one eye.

I am going to try and save my monthly sponsorship money from Noor Orphans Fund for an operation so I can get better and look after my family.
I pray God grants happiness to anyone who will help me.

No, the leftovers from £20 a month sponsorship will not cover the cost of an operation for Ali

#walkfororphans is a new campaign launched by Noor Orphans Fund to raise money for our Urgent Relief Fund for orphaned children. Far too often we come across children whose lives are hit with devastating illnesses and other tragic emergencies which require immediate aid.  An urgent fund has therefore been formed which caters specifically for these orphans.

While participating in the Arbaeen walk, the stories of Sukayna, Ruqaya and Ali Asgher a.s. will be with you every step of the way. The orphans of Karbala today live in the same land as the children of Imam Hussain a.s. You can help as many of these children, and those throughout Iraq, by making your walk a sponsored one and raise money for emergency medical treatments or other urgent cases - please help try and save the lives of precious orphans now.

It takes a few seconds to register and then you will be on your way!


Register your details including name, contact number, email address and postal address via one of the following:
Email: reshma@noortrust.org
Phone: 020 8204 1167
Whatsapp: 07983 569151


We will then send you a free Fundraising pack containing the following:
- Hi-vis vest which you can wear during your walk
- Information on the campaign and easy-to-follow details on how to set up your own campaign
- A copy of ‘Arbaeen: The Walk’ by Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli. An excellent book containing all the information you need for your trip and much more.


We can add your name to the JustGiving page we have set up for this campaign: www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/noortrust/walkfororphans
Or alternatively, you can create your own JustGiving page via our one. Just follow the steps in our Fundraising Guide here or contact us and we can help you take care of the rest.